'Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the  conditions perfect.' ~ Alan Cohen    



“Carla is a great teacher. If you’re a beginner or indeed an experienced practitioner. She brings an air of positivity to EVERY class. She is a great, patient and consistent mentor with time for all. I couldn’t recommend her enough to friends or colleagues” ~ Patrick M  ~ (Clerkenwellbeing)


"I really enjoy the practice and teachings, not to mention I  find  your classes to be extremely inspiring and thought provoking. It's always great to feel that I have taken something away with me." ~ Laura W ~ (Kentish Town)


 "Thank you so much for your class last night. I felt so much better after and carried it through into the rest of the evening into today. Really wonderful!" 

~ Robyn C ~ UCL Linguistics ~ (Kentish Town)


"Your classes have become a really special time in my week. It is the perfect end to a Monday and leaves me feeling restored both in body and mind. Although classes are only once a week, I can see and feel my improvement week on week, Thank you! I really love the authenticity in teaching, the Sanskrit combined with Western teaching is the perfect combination." ~ Alice S (Private Work Group)


 "I love how comfortable classes are. I can fall or try something new, give it a good few go's... and it's o.k."~  Anousheh H ~ IT Developer ~ (Kentish Town)


"I've tried to get into yoga many times but have never found such a good, considerate and engaging teacher as Carla. She has relayed and helped as a beginner and I find if I don't do yoga that week I don't feel right!.." ~ Poppy T ~ (Private Work Group)


“Carla is a brilliant teacher and her classes are a great mix of practice and reflection. I always feel re-energised after it.”~ Denise H ~ (Clerkenwellbeing)


" Great exercise for my back. Haven't had any need for a massage since January..."  ~ Antonia D (Private Work Group)


“I love coming to Carla’s classes! I really enjoy her teaching style, feels very grounded & authentic. Thank You for great classes!”~ Tegan M ~ (Clerkenwellbeing)


"I have really enjoyed coming to the classes and your positive, hands on approach and communication style really makes it a great experience." ~Jenny B (Private Work Group)


“Carla’s classes are the absolute best yoga classes I have ever attended in this country and elsewhere and I have been doing yoga on and off for 20 years. I would love it if Carla had space at Clerknwellbeing to deliver classes every day, as I don’t always manage to attend the Mon/Wed classes!” ~ Melissa Nolas  ~ (Clerkenwellbeing)


"Carla is like a ray of sunshine, she exudes joy in her class which is superb! I especially love it at the end when she comes round with scented oil and massage ~ Bliss!" ~ Sonia G ~ Founder & Director, Heads Up Ltd. ~ (Kentish Town)


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CLASS PASS @ The Life Centre - Islington / Nottinghill

WORKSHOPS - Monthly Yin-Dulgent Saturdays:

"I enjoyed so many things about  Yin-Dulgent Satyrday: the deep relaxation left me feeling so wonderful. I love learning more about TCM and the chakras, tapping and meridian lines. I really enjoyed the guided meditation towards the end" ~ Jennifer L


" The Yin-Dulgent Saturday was very effective in providing real calmness. As usual a very warm welcome...  It was Bliss! I also enjoyed learning something new: a new yoga style, information about TCM teaching" ~ Ania P