" Cultivating Stability , Clarity & Ease  in a fast paced & cluttered Life!"

Mind Full Or Mindful in the City ?...

In our busy, fast paced and demanding City life styles, many of us find we are constantly on the go, on 'auto pilot', our Minds filled with  'to do lists';  obsessive thinking about our past actions or future plans and often caught up in unhelpful reactive patterns and habits.


With this, feeling time deficient, as our energy and attention  pulled and depleted by the constant distraction of social media, news, technology, mass marketing and the pressures and demands of our everyday modern life.


Ultimately leaving us feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, unfocused, burned out  and at times overwhelmed.... in our already busy lives; with little space or time to respond calmly, soothe and rebalance ourselves.


Sounds familiar ....

How could a regular Mindfulness Meditation practice benefit us in our daily lives?


What is Mindfulness ?

Mindfulness is the practice of training our attention to return to the present moment by paying attention to what is actually happening in the 'here and now'; to our sensations, thoughts,  emotions, so as not to get tangled up or swept away in the negative thoughts or our unskilful habits and patterns.


The practice gives us the opportunity to become really familiar with ourselves, in a kind, curious, non judgemental or critical way.


It invites us to 'slow down', creating room and space, enabling us to return to what we are feeling and thinking in the present moment, cultivating our ability 'to choose' in how we'd like to respond to our surroundings, peoples, situations and experiences, more appropriately, skilfully and with less habitual reactivity.


Just as we train and strengthen our physical muscles at the gym or via Yoga (asana) classes, a regular Mindfulness practice strengthens and tones the muscle of the Mind by training it to return to the present moment and paying attention.


Mindfulness can be a great addition and approach to our overall Health and  Mental Wellbeing.



By practicing Mindfulness in returning our attention to the present moment, we can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel more calm and embodied
  • Improve our focus, concentration and creativity
  • Become more self aware and of our un/helpful habits and patterns
  • Increased stability, clarity and strength to 'choose' our responses /actions
  • Able to cope with difficult thoughts or experiences (pain / illness)
  • Improved relationships  with ourselves and others 
  • Cultivating kindness and compassion
  • Have a greater sense of overall Wellbeing and Ease
  • Live an Awakened and  fuller life!


Mindfulness  &  Evidenced Based Results:

With a greater awareness of the importance of our Mental Health, many have begun to turn towards the benefits of a Mindfulness practice.


Over the last 30 years or so,  with evidence based results through  academic research in  the fields of neuroscience, psychology,  the benefits of  Mindfulness Meditation  has been scientifically tried and tested as a method in reducing our stress, anxiety, unhelpful habits and used as pain management; which all seem even more prevalent in our modern City lives.


A Little History:

Mindfulness has been around for some 2,600 years and has its' roots in Buddhism, although you don't have to be spiritual or have any particular  beliefs to practice and experience  it's many benefits OR have to sit on the floor cross legged! 


Classes may include / explore:

  • Gentle movement and  breath work to prepare body and mind
  • Guided Meditations 
  • Different Mindfulness practices and foundations
  • Self Inquiry  / Contemplative exercises
  • Heart Mind based practices to cultivate kindness and compassion 


Ultimately a Mindfulness Meditation practice  enables us to create an appreciative life that supports, soothes, and nourishes our Heart  Mind and Spirit, in not having to push away, nor cling on to our likes and dislikes; our happy or uncomfortable life experiences; but rather cultivating  a warm and compassionate embrace to 'all that is' we experience throughout our lives.


Mindfulness Meditation London, Angel, Clerkenwell, Islington
Mindfulness Mediation in the City London
Mindfulness Meditation, Medtation Angel, Meditation Islington, Mindfulness Clerkenwell
Mindfulness Meditation Practice London
Mindfulness Meditation, Islington, Ange, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Old Street, London

100% of all earnings from Mindfulness Meditation Classes are donated to 

 Yoga Flows chosen Charity: Alzheimers Society:

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Mindfulness opens us up to a wider, more creative and responsive awareness: using the power of  'choice', even when patterns try to pull us into old directions, un helpful habits and patterns...


** NOTE **

Injuries & Conditions: To ensure you enjoy & get the most out of your class 'safely', it's important you advise Carla prior to class of any previous, current or new injuries & any conditions she should know about.

Pregnancy: Please let Carla know if you are pregnant or think you may be prior to the class. It's important to keep you and baby safe during your pregnancy. If you are new to Yoga, ideally it's recommended  not to practice at least until after your first trimester. Attendance will be discussed on a case by case basis.