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A very warm WELCOME,


 STRETCH                Body & Mind

 BREATHE               Ease  &  Contentment

 TRANSFORM      Unite Body, Heart & Mind


Carla has been teaching for over 10 years and  is a 500hrs plus, Advanced Accredited Yoga Teacher and registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. 


Teaching the value of a balanced and rounded practice; from Dynamic, energising Yoga  Flows (Yang), restoring Yin, and  nourishing , balancing Qi Gong / Tai Chi inspired 'Yoga Qi Flows'; incorporating  Mindfulness Meditation  / movement -  interlaced with Buddhist and Taoist philosophies .


 All  to make for a truly holistic experience and practice.


Her regular Yoga classes relieve stress, worry and anxiety as they  start 'peeling away' the layers of toxins and blockages we all carry and store, which create stiffness and  tension physically and mentally; holding us back.  This 'peeling away', develops a better communication with our body, mind and soul, enabling us to make more appropriate choices in how we choose to live our lives and  with the world around us,  reconnecting us back to a 'True Contentment' and to our 'True Balanced Self'!


"Radiate the kind of energy you'd like to meet'