What people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can!' Henry David Thoreau


  • Improves concentration & focus.
  • Relieves physical & mental stress & tension.
  • Improves creativity with solution focused ideas & action.
  • Alleviates & improves workplace ailments; back, shoulder, neck aches & pains.
  • Maintains & boots immune systems, resulting in less sickness.
  • Restores & maintains mental, physical & emotional wellbeing, allowing for an all round happier & more productive working environment.

On site OR  Venue hire:

 To witness & experience the benefits of corporate yoga classes, 6 week courses will be run (min x1 class per week), encouraging commitment, whilst reaping all the ongoing benefits.


Classes for groups of colleagues can easily be held in spaces (e.g. meeting, training, lunch, board rooms), at a time that suits you (e.g. lunch time or after work) OR if a venue needs to be hired that can be arranged  too, (please to advise Carla ( venue hire fee additional to Course price).


Course fees can be provided by or subsidised by the company itself OR a group of colleagues can club together, resulting in a competitive & 'well being' investment for all.


Work Well Being Days / Package  also provided, (please contact Carla for further information).


Simply contact Carla for further information and to Book, discuss any specific objectives you and your Work Place may have.

Yoga, Meditation, Islington, Angel, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Old Street
Work at Work
Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Islington, Yoga Clerkenwell, Yoga Farringdon, Yoga Old Street, Yoga Camedn
Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Islington, Yoga Angel, Yoga Clerkenwell, Yoga Old Street, Yoga Lonodn

"You were born with wings. Why perfer to crawl through life?" 

~ Rumi ~

Yoga, Meditation, Yoga London, Yoga Clerkenwell, Yoga Angel, Yoga Farringdon, Yoga Old Street
Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation at Work