"Finding Balance in an unbalanced World"

~ Energising Vinyasa Yoga & Releasing Yin Yoga ~

  • 'Yin Yang Yoga' the best of both!
  • The perfect balance to our ‘On the Go Life Styles’.
  • Understanding the need for dynamic movement (Yang) but also to slow down to replenish and allow for deep rest (Yin).
  • Yin Yang Yoga with Carla interlaces  and weaves Daoist  Qi Gong  / Tai Chi inspired  practices with Yoga Flows.
  • Starting with a flowing, Vinyasa Yoga (Yang), getting the body and stagnant energy moving, as we begin to wring out all the stresses of the working day, both physically and mentally.
  • Flowing effortlessly into second of half of our class; a wonderfully nourishing, releasing and restoring Yin Yoga practice. Mindful long held floor based stretches (3-5 mins); targeting the deep connective tissue, ligaments and fascia of the body; increasing our flexibility, rebalancing our energy, whilst allowing for the mind and nervous system to settle down deeply into a calming meditative state.
  • All resulting in a delicious release and ‘letting go’ of those tight held areas of tension we all carry and store.
  • Leave feeling fully balanced, naturally energised and lighter, with a greater sense of harmony and effortless ease, both inside and out!

CLASS LEVEL: OPEN LEVEL ~  (Beginners Welcome):

Open to all those wishing to find a little more Balance, Ease and Flexibility in our everyday lives. A great way to start your week!

Yin Yang Yoga
Yin Yang Yoga Flows

** NOTE **

Injuries & Conditions: To ensure you enjoy & get the most out of your class 'safely', it's important you advise Carla prior to class of any previous, current or new injuries & any conditions she should know about.

Pregnancy: Please let Carla know if you are pregnant or think you may be prior to the class. It's important to keep you and baby safe during your pregnancy. If you are new to Yoga, ideally it's recommended  not to practice at least until after your first trimester. Attendance will be discussed on a case by case basis.